Phoenix Rebore Ltd

Full machining services carried out on site

As previously with ‘Phoenix Engine Services’, Phoenix Rebore Ltd continues to offer a full machining service on heads, blocks, crankshafts, con-rods and barrels etc. From the smallest aluminium car head through to commercial heads off the Cummins M11 and Caterpillar etc are 2nd nature to our service department. Cylinder blocks of all sizes can be re-bored or re-lined to suit any application. Parts can be supplied and fitted to most makes of engine, be it, car, commercial, industrial or agricultural.
  •  Cylinder heads: Full pressure testing facilities on site, vacuum testing and ‘hot’ submersion tests carried out. Skimming on all types of head, both ‘cast’ and ‘aluminium versions. All other work carried out such as guide and seat fitting, valve machining and re-assembling etc.
  • Cylinder blocks: Pressure testing available on most size blocks and ‘decking’ carried out if required. Re-bores carried out on all blocks (if permissible) from around 2 inch bore size upwards. Re-lining carried out where applicable (including single cylinder barrels). Specialist work carried out such as the salvage of ‘porous’ Ford tractor blocks using tried and tested techniques.
  • Crankshafts: Re-grinding and lapping/polishing carried out on all sizes. Arrangements for specialist hardening where required can be made.
  • Con-Rods: Re-bushing and alignment checks carried out.
  • Outside Service: Some engines can be bored (or re-lined) at the customer’s premises in-situ. Subject to accessibility, advice on this available at all times.